Learn about the job you want.
Or maybe the one you never even knew about.

Job Shadow Week prepares curious, driven and ambitious students for the future of work by introducing them to professionals at some of the best companies in America. For one week, they’re exposed to a variety of different industries and roles by being paired, virtually, with organizations and professionals in the fields they are most interested in or fields they want to learn more about.

To get your virtual foot in the door, meet Nepris.

Nepris is our Job Shadow Week hosting partner. All Job Shadow Week events will live on Nepris throughout the week. It allows for seamless interaction and with their initial registration, students will be signed up for the entire week. Registrants will be able to participate in live virtual interactions, view curated video playlists, and utilize the Career Explorer tool to research career pathways.

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Get inside companies that interest you
without leaving home.

The Job Shadow Week virtual experience gives students a first look into how professionals and companies work and act from day to day, right from their own homes. By being immersed with recorded information sessions, virtual workshop visits, and live meetings with the companies and professionals of their choice, the student can get an insider view of companies next door or across the country.